Network HUBs

Sharing New Ideas And Technology.

Network HUBs create an environment of shared knowledge to facilitate the development of new ideas, strategies and opportunities for home and community care.

A critical part of the Home Care Knowledge Network, HUBs stimulate interaction and dialogue between local participants and on a national scale.  Through the formation of Network HUBs individuals and organizations that might otherwise not have the opportunity to interact, can collectively address common issues and attain goals they may not have been able to attain by themselves.

Network HUBs Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Network HUBs consist of local, regional or national stakeholders that have identified a common challenge in home and community care that they wish to resolve.  Interested participants work with the CHCA team and go through a process to (a) get leadership and executive sponsorship (b) access a structure to facilitate and support collaboration and interactions and (c) identify a challenge topic that they will jointly address.

For more information on developing a Network HUB, download the Knowledge Network Information and Readiness Checklist.

Network HUBs Provide Many Benefits

Network HUB members work together to:

  • Identify and prioritize issues and gaps to address home care challenges and issues.
  • Access and use tools and resources through the Knowledge Centre that will advance their priority areas.
  • Share ideas and collaboratively develop solutions to address their issues.
  • Gain skills and knowledge through involvement with peers.
  • Provide expertise and experience to other Network HUBs across Canada.