Safety Improvement Collaborative (Wave Two)

The Home Care Safety Improvement Collaborative is an innovative and effective way for organizations to plan, test, measure and make changes which improve quality and patient safety in the home.  Aimed at increasing local capacity, teams involved in Wave Two of the Collaborative will address a patient safety priority based on their unique context.
Delivered virtually, participants gain quality improvement, measurement, team building and communication skills.  Action periods, backed by customized coaching, allow teams to apply new knowledge as they implement and evaluate change ideas.

Sponsored by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) and the Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA), this structured program is modeled after the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Breakthrough Series.

Goals of the Collaborative include:

  • Increase understanding and application of quality improvement methodology.
  • Develop effective strategies to engage patients and caregivers in improvement initiatives.
  • Build effective communication strategies and high functioning teams.
  • Engage senior leadership and reinforce safety as a strategic priority.

The Home Care Safety Improvement Collaborative, Wave One (2015-16) focused on reducing harm from falls in home care.

Learn more about the achievements and experience of Wave One teams:

  • Canadian Red Cross
    Applied service planning tool and staff education to reduce falls and triggered CAPs among those at high risk for falls.
  • Eastern Health Authority
    Developed audit tool and implemented falls prevention plan for 100% of patients at risk.
  • Saint Elizabeth Health Care
    Implemented education programming and increased awareness of falls reporting and process to achieve reduction in falls.
  • VHA Home Healthcare
    Updated patient resources and applied Falls Risk Reporting Tool to decrease falls among newly admitted patients.
  • Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
    Improved communication of fall risk and education for staff and carers to reduce patient falls.

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